Holistic Learning

No this is not a post about treating ailments with coconut oil and oil of oregano.

Holistic learning is the thought that in order to effectively learn we need to engage as many parts of the mind-body connection as possible at once.

There are three domains of learnings Affective, Cognitive, and Psychomotor.

This can be thought of as Feeling, Thinking, and Doing.

For all formal academia until most recently it has been thought that effective learning only happens when we isolate these three domains from one another and only focus on teaching one at a time, this concept is quickly becoming preposterous.

The modern classroom is one where the thinking feeling and doing portions of learning are combined in a synergistic approach. This means that the learner is motivated through feeling to learn, processes the new ideas with the cognitive portion and takes out actions using psychomotor effects in order to complete the circle.

Now while this is not always possible and it is a new field of research there is a growing body of evidence that suggests this is a much more effective and efficient method of teaching.

I will be looking into the holistic approach more and try to find some studies examine the holistic learning approach where each domain is taught and activated in a simultaneous manner versus an approach where each domain is taught or activated sequentially.


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