Meeting Expectations

When thoughts of education or academia come to mind there is often an expectation associated with these thoughts. Depending on the experiences of the person sometimes these are positive thoughts sometimes they are negative.

The important point is that as the instructor it’s critical that you can hit the mark when it comes to meeting the expectations of students and provide them with an environment that has value.

While this is easy to say in practice it can be quite difficult to meet the mark on this *pardon the pun

The classrooms we teach in are ever becoming more diverse with students of different ethnic, generational, and cultural backgrounds. It can be difficult to provide a classroom experience that is both challenging and value filled for all students.

In the book “Student Engagement Techniques” the “expectancy x value model” is discussed. The essentials of this model are that students will not be motivated to perform a task if it is seen as too difficult(expectancy) and they also will not perform it if they cannot see the value in performing the work. There is also problems if tasks are made trivial or if too high of a value is placed on them.

It gives some interesting perspective on how to evaluate and assess course work efficacy in engaging students in active learning.


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