Project Based Learning

Here is the link to my digital project on Project Based Learning (a little bit of Learning Inception).

I am familiar with project-based learning both as a Student and an Instructor I have found it gives a much greater breadth and depth to the solidification of skills, concepts, and cross-discipline links.

Project-based learning also is an excellent way to evaluate learners for their ability to self-regulate and self-direct. It can also be insightful for learners to discover what type of interpersonal skills they possess and whether or not they are a leader, director, or follower.  I highly recommend the inclusion of project-based learning as a final or capstone project to any program or degree in which students build upon a foundation of knowledge over the course of months or years. It is also a great way to showcase employable skills to prospective employers.

ps. feel free to use or distribute the infographic if you have any questions feel free to contact me at


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