The Problem with Perfection

After reading chapter 3 of “The Skillful Teacher” (Brookfield, 2015) I found myself contemplating this quote “I find myself repeatedly frustrated by not achieving an unblemished record of expressed student satisfaction for every week of the course.”

I can empathize with the authors struggle for trying to achieve a perfect score on his  Critical Incident Questionnaire (CIQ), this is the authors’ preferred method of measuring classroom engagement and finding out where the lecture fell short.

The problem with instruction and trying to get students or anybody for that manner to learn is that we are all different and learn at different rates, styles, and require our own timeline to internalize information. So I can relate to the authors desire to achieve a perfect score on his CIQ, in essence, meaning that he was able to teach everyone in his class effectively. In reality, this is unachievable and if the CIQ’s were returned with perfect scores I would suspect that the students are not reporting honestly and candidly.


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