Falling short of Diversity

After reading chapter 8 of a Skillful Teacher the author’s discussion on diversity of culture, instructional delivery, and pedagogy caused me to reflect on my own teaching.

In the Engineering field we especially tend to lack diversity of all kinds even gender, this is a changing demographic though with an increasing number of international students. While my field of education may not have some of the issues describe by Brookfield we do have cultural issues arising from the increasing number of international students which bring with them a diverse set of learning competencies, communication styles, and language proficiency issues. This is an ever growing topic of discussion and driving force of change in our education system.

While considering my own teaching and instructional style I thought how we could implement a teaching scenario similar to what Brookfield suggests using a team approach. I can think of only one instance in my experience in post-secondary school during my engineering degrees where a course was team-taught by two instructors. In this instance, the approach fell short and made the class more difficult and lacked continuity.  This may have been a case of poor communication between the instructors, or the selection of incorrect team members, or even perhaps a poor choice of topic.

My own teaching style is one of verbal, written, and visual components. I strive to incorporate all three into my lectures whenever possible, although I tend to add extra information into the verbal part of the lecture to augment the core concepts which have been written and said, as well as drawn if possible.

If I were to add a team member to teach with it would be difficult to chose one particular partner, I also do not know how it would be implemented with a highly technical course load. I believe the struggle would be in continuity between materials, as was my own personal experience.



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