Creative Lectures

I instruct in a highly technical field with dense material. After taking many of the PIDP courses which provide alternatives to lecturing I still find it difficult to implement them in my classroom settings due to limitations on time, requirements to cover material, and milestones required by accreditation and alignment with laboratory work. Upon investigating some articles on faculty focus I found this article to be in alignment with my views of pedagogy Active Learning vs Lecturing. I don’t believe that there is anyone perfect format for creating an engaging classroom not only is it topically dependent but it must also work with the style of the instructor. When possible I try to use a varied approach to my lectures and seek out opportunities to engage with the students individually and as a whole.

That being said my version of lecturing is not one where I drone on for hours at a time I try to employ many aspects of creative and engaging lecturing. I strive to break my lectures up with reflective pauses and moments of silence. During these moments I pose questions to my students ask them to solve the next step in the problem or example presented. I also ask the class to identify my assumptions if I’ve made any and what would we do to validate or check the assumptions.

I also try to organize my lectures in a manner that throughout the term we are building upon the foundation of previous lectures and topics and do not jump around from place to place without a unifying theme. In addition, when lecturing with my students I try to draw upon my own experiences sighting examples from my professional career or moments where I have applied the theory that we are discussing, I also attempt to incorporate analogy whenever possible as I find it provides a new viewpoint which often helps to crystalize theory in the mind of the students.




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