About the Author

justin-c_8x10-7215_editAfter completing a Technology diploma program and an Advanced Technology Diploma program at Camosun College, Justin bridged to the University of Victoria and now holds two degrees from UVic one in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Electronics and a second-degree a Masters of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Aerospace. Justin’s graduate work stems from the involvement on the satellite project at the university. He also held the Chief Engineer position on the satellite project which is a continuation of his work as an undergrad. Justin maintained this position through the team’s first place win in the second Canadian Satellite Design Challenge until the completion of his masters in December 2014.

Having volunteered for the position at the initial team meeting he has been enthralled with the project and delighted with all the opportunities it has garnered for him. Justin strongly encourages others on a continuing basis to join and get involved with not only the satellite project and the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge but with any extra-curricular team. Justin is an instructor at Camosun College where he now teaches Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology as well as its related courses, topics, and fields.